RHONJ Recap: John Calls Teresa "Poster Child for Mortgage Fraud" as Their Meeting Goes Awry, Paul Snaps at Dolores Over Questions About His Divorce, Plus Jen Aydin Shares How Teresa Feels About Her Friendship With Melissa (2024)

RHONJ Recap: John Calls Teresa "Poster Child for Mortgage Fraud" as Their Meeting Goes Awry, Paul Snaps at Dolores Over Questions About His Divorce, Plus Jen Aydin Shares How Teresa Feels About Her Friendship With Melissa (1)

On this episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Paul gets defensive about his divorce timeline when Dolores presses him about a proposal. Danielle‘s New York Fashion Week debut is a success, but the same cannot be said about the meeting between the Ruelas and Fudas. Insults were slung and apologies were considered inauthentic. Where do they all go from here?

Melissa talks about how she is stuck at home with all boys now that Antonia has gone off to college. Luckily, Antonia keeps in touch, and after FaceTiming with her, Melissa talks to Joe about the “dramatic” boujie brunch over at Danielle’s. Melissa laughs about alliances switching, but little does she know that Jackie is currently over at TERESA’S house! Are pigs flying? To say those two have had a bumpy past is an understatement, but Jackie wants to be surrounded by “nice people” who make her happy, and so she’s landed on Teresa. Go figure…

Jackie lets Teresa know that Margaret seems angry, and it seems like Teresa is just happy to see Jackie hating on Margaret. Teresa explains that she just wanted Jackie to learn how to speak up for herself. Jackie continues to kiss Teresa’s a*s, and she tells her that she is just up for a drama-free friendship, which is quite the opposite of what went down at the infamous brunch. Jackie wonders how Teresa stayed so calm as Rachel came after her, amping her new bestie, Tre, up even more.

Margaret is in Charleston for a birthday party, but she FaceTimes Rachel to recap the brunch. Rachel explains that she got into it with Teresa, and John walks in to be a part of the conversation. Rachel pointed out that Teresa tried to weaponize John’s past and mocked his line of work. To that, Margaret responds, “Isn’t her [Teresa’s] husband unemployed and mooches off of her?” Touché, Marge.

Paulie and Dolores head out for dinner, and she talks to him about one day being engaged. However, Dolores doesn’t even want to think about that next step until Paul’s divorce is finalized. Paul gets snippy with Dolores and asks her if she truly believes he would get divorced one day, and then the next minute, get down on his knee to propose to her — as if to let her know that will NOT be the case.

Dolores calls Paul out for saying he would get divorced last year since it seems like he “can solve world peace before” he gets divorced. Paul wonders if Dolores doesn’t think he is telling the truth, and Dolores threatens that she may rethink their relationship one day. Paul tells Dolores she should think about it sooner than later, and if she isn’t happy about their situation, maybe she should make a change. Ouch.

Danielle is sweating this NYFW show for Boujie Kids. She is excited that Melissa will be there to support her, but her mom will not be there since she is traveling. Danielle’s godmother will be present, and she is happy to have SOME family there, even though her dad was not invited since it would stress her out too much.

Margaret is happy to participate in a first responders charity, since giving back is so important to her. It’s a daytime golf outing where all her besties will be handing out Soiree to the golfers. Rachel, Dolores, Melissa, and Lexi are there to support her. Melissa is looking forward to her upcoming housewarming party and warns them all that she invited Jackie… and Jennifer Aydinbecause they DID say they were going to be moving forward after their lunch date.

Meanwhile, the Jens (Fessler and Aydin) meet up for some margaritas. Jen Aydin explains that she is on a clean slate with Melissa and is taking what she can get with her. Jen Fessler wonders how Teresa is feeling about Aydin becoming friends with Melissa. Jen Aydin feels like what is best for her is letting go of hostility, but she has yet to tell Tre she is going to be attending Melissa’s housewarming party (cuz she is scared??).

In her confessional, Jen Aydin admits that while Teresa says her new friendship with Melissa doesn’t bother her, it must “sting” for Teresa to see Jen Aydin moving forward with Melissa.

Fessler explains she is having a similar situation as Jen, as she is becoming friendly with Teresa, which is p*ssing off a crew of her pals. The love/hate relationships are exhausting. Jen Aydin is adamant that she did not set Danielle up, but she knows Danielle is p*ssed at her for having Lina spill. Jen goes on to explain that Teresa and Rachel got hot, but Rachel is the one who didn’t keep her cool.

Speaking of the argument, the golfing girls discuss the brunch, and Rachel says she has too much going on to say any more about the pettiness with Teresa. Dolores jumps in to talk about the recent convo she had with Paul about his divorce. Marge shares that she got divorced a week after getting divorced, so what’s Paulie’s deal? According to Paul, he is building a future with Dolores by getting into business with her… which doesn’t necessarily sound like something Dolores would be into.

It’s Danielle’s big fashion show day, and Melissa is so thrilled for her new friend. The show goes by in a flash, and Danielle is thrilled that her dream has actually come true.

In the meantime, Louie wants to talk to John and put aside their differences. John is looking for a proper apology from Teresa since she called him a drug dealer AND a parking attendant. Teresa, on the other hand, can’t believe that John would have the “balls” to demand an apology from her. Rachel is stuck on Teresa’s intention of bringing up the drug dealer past, and John feels like Louie likes to know everyone’s secrets because he is a narcissist and accuses others of what HE is. Louie tells Teresa he “feeds two wolves every day,” and it’s only a matter of time to see which one will come to the table with the Fudas. WTF.

The time has come. The Fudas have set up a private room for this meeting with Louie and Teresa. They get right down to business, and Teresa begins by bringing a gift for Joe for his housewarming. She would like the Fudas to deliver it. John states he is trying to clear the air with Tre because he respects her brother, Joe. Teresa feels like she never had a problem with the Fudas, and she insinuates that because Rachel is close to Melissa, she can’t get a fair shake. John wants to know why Teresa would go out and call him a drug dealer, and Teresa apologizes for making it seem like he was presently dealing.

John tries to redirect the conversation and continues to demand an apology (which, by the way, Teresa already gave him). John knows that Teresa took that information about his past from a criminal who manufactured crystal meth (who also happens to be his son Jayden’s birth mother). Messy, messy. John doesn’t feel like the apology Teresa gave him was “authentic,” but when Teresa asks for an apology as well, John tells her this is not a tit-for-tat kind of situation.

Teresa goes off, claiming the Fudas threw the first punch, and John shuts her down. He states, “Here’s how it’s gonna go,” and he goes on to say that he (again) doesn’t find Teresa’s initial apology authentic. Teresa stands by the fact that John brought up Louie’s name first, and even Louie tries to get Tre to settle down enough to keep the situation calm.

When John gets more of what he doesn’t want to hear and less of what he does want to hear, he leaves with Rachel (but not before grabbing the housewarming gift for Joe). Tre calls him “John Fugazi,” and he responds with, “You’re the poster child for mortgage fraud.” John walks away from Teresa’s threats saying he loves a good fight… and when he needs his money laundered, he will call Tre. To be continued…

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RHONJ Recap: John Calls Teresa "Poster Child for Mortgage Fraud" as Their Meeting Goes Awry, Paul Snaps at Dolores Over Questions About His Divorce, Plus Jen Aydin Shares How Teresa Feels About Her Friendship With Melissa (2024)
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