Weekend Update With MarkZ 1-29-2022 — Dinar Recaps (2024)

Weekend Update with MarkZ 01/29/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Anyone else have an excited expectancy today??

Member: Hope the waiting is almost done. Good Morning Mark, Mods, and everyone.

MZ: People are still in place…..been a quiet night overnight . We do not have a movement of funds yet…Most are now expecting Sunday or Monday for those bond amounts to be spendable.

MZ: The way banking works….unless you are in the middle east you will probably be waiting for Monday for liquidity….

​Member: at this point silence is golden and deafening!!

MZ: At this point we may not have real solid news unless deliveries start for CMKX and PP’s which is rumored to start Sunday or Monday…..My Mayhew…back in the day always thought deliveries would be best during those Sunday Evening…..when the vast majority of folks are home…. They have done test release to determine this….

MZ: So we may have another day or two of twiddling our thumbs…..Things happening in the world are playing out and imo…forcing the RV to happen…….including the truckers convoy…..people standing up and saying enough is enough…..

MZ: unfortunantly the news is what it is…..and not what we would like it to be.

When will we get to the point that the treasury can no longer hold off the Rv?

MZ: Here is another bank story sent to me…..

FF: A conversation at a WF in TX: They had areas “cattle penned off” even areas they were not using. I asked if this branch was going to be part of the RV redemptions and was told by someone that they were not sure of that branch but, that most branches would be part of that redemption process…then they pointed out they plenty of cattle penned in areas for funneling people to exchange. They also commented they were familiar with the new currency coming in February. Called it the rainbow currency…..

MZ: So that was from F****** F**** who will be monitoring his local branch a couple times a week to keep us updated….i think its big they had this conversation with him…….

Issac: Hello just talk to the treasury and Tuesday they believe liquidity for advances of German bonds will start, also information regarding 1% or 2% of yellow dragons I should get, enjoy the weekend and lots of blessings

Member: Ed, of Currency News & Banking, wrote: It means that we are about to receive notifications the next couple of days.

Member: Hey Mark! Do we have to wait for all the other countries in the first basket to internally "adjust" their currency (like Iraq is doing) before this goes? It could take forever!

MZ: Don’t worry- They will all go at one time!!!

Member: Good mid morning everyone, seems to be a date floating around that currency will go the 15th and my question is, how long of a time span do they need to run us all thru? I believe we are very close.

Member: I thought MarkZ said 2 weeks to 30 days get it done. Sooner vs. later.

Member: Mark do you know more about the release schedule than you can tell us?

MZ: Yes I know more than I am telling you because of an NDA.

Member: We will all find out the true plan soon. Patients People!!

Member: The other day mark said a note is worth 30 million is that right? Is A T note a trillion dollars?

Member: That’s what he said……wowser…guess we will find out when we exchange.

Member: The cabal is going to fall folks…soon I believe…..

Member: will the housing market crash when Nesara codes are punched in ?

Member: I honestly think NESARA and the currency reevaluation will help stop what would be a much worse real estate crash. It’s already crashing from where I sit underwriting mortgages. It’s like 07’

Member: What were the dinar rates before the program rate? Many articles say they are going back to the old rate……

MZ: Yes…..they have been unclear what old rate they are referring too….. but, many Iraqis are expecting that new rate on Tuesday ….the timing firs with what we hear from groups and bond people.

Member: dinar rate was $3.22 back in 2003 when Saddam began to be chased out, they created new dinar notes which is what we currently have waiting for RV

Member: Praying the RV is done before the Chinese New Years starts on Feb.!!!

Member: Go truckers!!! But remember we will have mass shortages in the next 2 weeks. Go stock up or you might be up sh-t creek.

Member: I am still a small fry but very blessed to be in the pond with all of you!

Member: Hi MarkZ, Many thanks as always for all the latest RV Updates & News

Member: As always thank you Mark for your commitment to inform us on a daily/twice daily basis. Just the facts are much appreciated.

CBD Gurus Joins the stream at the end….please listen to the replay for all this information…..

Please listen to replay for all the information

The next stream is Monday at 10Am est……..unless………


Weekend Update With MarkZ 1-29-2022 — Dinar   Recaps (2024)
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