Time To Prune The Weed Laws (2024)

America really is.

Museman, observer, hope, FOM, BGreen, overwhelmsam and all C-newsers, here is my take, thanks for sharing yours!

Obama will make a nice prez, Biden should do well as Obamas' attack dog, we'll see if he rises to the occasion, if he doesn't, you know the fix is in, though I'm sure it is already. Karl Rove is still calling the shots, and the Dems are afraid of being pulled into investigations of bush/cheney, otherwise, why would Nancy Peloser grant bush/cheney a get out of jail free card so EARLY in her role as speaker, unless bush/cheney knew what would happen all along, and you know from the wire-tapping, they know what ALL of us are doing ALL of the time, including Right NOW! Hello traitors! You're time is coming!

Kerry was a war hero, and it appears he went along with the swift-boating, knowing it would be his excuse as to why he lost, even though it was STOLEN from him, and he didn't care. He needed an excuse to use, and this was it.

(Kerry is a Sag Sun with a Gemini Moon, oh-oh! We've seen this before!)

Now for the o/t part!

A little Astrology for those unafraid of metaphysics, or Astro-logic, the Logic of the Stars!

Remember the sixties, when Astrology was 'out there', and take a look at it now, a horoscope on every front-page news site! Now that's progress for this child of the sixties!

Not that daily horoscopes are not enlightening, or revealing of much, they are, but mostly helpful, though a REAL reading reveals all, and I do mean ALL!

Though Sun sign Astrology has its' limits, it is still accurate, and thank you Nancy Reagan for inadvertently promoting the use of the stars, I'd feel alot better if I thought the bushies had an Astrologer, though he/she would be serving evil, the worst-case scenarios might be diminished, as with Reagan. Even Hitler's Astrologer fed him incorrect info to minimize the harm. Read up or Google it!

Biden is a Full Moon Scorpio, so he may actually rise to the occasion, to be Obamas' mouthpiece, though he is very 'fixed', and only sees what he wants to see, as his lens is very narrow, thus his support of credit card companies and the war on drugs.

Of course, you can't pick a man like Dennis Kucinich, he's just too short, and we all know you just can't have that, principles or no principles, it IS OKAY to have a dumbf... for 8 years, and a POW who has PTSD, and call his wife a trollop and a c....as well as not being able to remember how many houses he has, I mean, how many houses Cindy owns.

John is a 'kept' man. His run for the president was engineered back when he was first caught by the Vietnamese, as his father was an Admiral, and Johnny became known to all my Veteran of Viet Nam friends as 'songbird' for telling them what they wanted to hear, while other men where prosecuted for following military code after they came home.

Nor could we have a Russ Feingold, Yes, we can have Joe Lieberman, but NO Russ, he's Jewish, (isn't Joe L.?) and NOT a repub, so forget about it! Why NOT!

But you just can't have someone who loves his country, the Constitution, and has the balls and spine to stand up for it!

Not very American of you Dennis, you and Russ are so 'old school'.

I know Obama loves America, and he is smart, likeable, attractive, half black/half white, and the rest, I would like him to embrace Russ and Dennis more, to bring the activist base back into the fold, or the polls will be 'close'. And only lead to his demise, as close polls allow the media to call it a close election regardless of exit polling, and they have it down pat! Even if they're are not close later, which I blame on his move to the center, which is still the 'right' now that the left is the 'far left', and the far right, the new middle. I hope you all know this, if not, I'm happy to remind you!

Remember in Fox News world, everything is:Up is down, black is white, truth if false, and all that is false is really true, just ask Sean Hannity.

Back to Obama:

He's way better than most, though I am not too hopeful, I expect the current corpocracy to continue to pillage, rape and run roughshod over the people, per the Olympics, China, the kid-gloves treatment of bush/cheney/McCain the media gives them, it will take a epiphany for America to throw off the shackles we have embraced, out of fear, misplaced totally, but so it goes.

A global warming weather event, 'might' wake us up, though I think most of us are in major denial, out of necessity, a survival mechanism used throughout the history of mankind, as this is just business as usual for criminal kingdoms and the like.

Mr. Magoo could be the president of the most powerful country in the world and this point, who would notice?

McCain gets a pass from the media no matter what, so why not another stolen election, 2 down, 1 more to go!

Mission accomplished!

The votes will be stolen, many will be told they can't vote, and voter 'fraud' a fraud in itself, will be the hue and cry from the Karl Rove instructed Media, and the media will carry the water for the stealer's.

Nice provocation to the American People who may finally realize they've been had, as our last hope dies in the voting machine November 4th. Get off your meds and smell the coffee burning please!

After McCain becomes prez, shockingly for many, though totally predictable in a place like the U.S. where people have no education, no health care, mortgages are becoming a thing of the past, endless war, and only hopelessness and despair to look forward to, America will be repainted as totally Pro War, Pro McCain, Pro idiot, pro MSM media, pro torture, and all this is easily done by the media, who we refuse to hold accountable for some reason.

Everyday we have these guys rub this crap in our faces over and over, while we seem to revel in the tiny, tiny bit of attention we get from it, like low self-esteemers with no idea what self-esteem even is.

What IS there to be proud of anyway, except for recent history, 40 years back.

The Musicians, songwriters, writers, journalists', and especially Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and the rest of the Chicago Seven were genius's, who's actions laid bare the ruthless, and deadly tactics of the right.

Now, 40 years later, we see the wheels coming of the cart, and WE STILL don't have a clue as to how far these guys will go to destroy the planet, the constitution, us and anyone who isn't on their team.

Clue: They WILL do anything, and are doing everything they can, to sustain to killing, the wars, the attacks, the despair, as it makes huge profits from big pharmos due to permanent depression being their source of huge profits!

Happiness be damned, it's not fit for consumption.

Why do we continue to give these guys the benefit of the doubt?

Does anyone here really think the corpocracy wants to be held accountable, or even give those like us who think the bushies should be held accountable, any hope of that?

It's off the table, and even some smart people who post here think that's okay, just wait for Obama, he'll fix everything yeah, that's it!

A don't even talk about holding bush/cheney accountable, let's put that era behind us, like we did with Iran-contra!

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi should be investigated, as should Reid, and all of the DLC'ers who are keeping Hillary out there, per Karl Roves instructions. Examples should be made, and NEVER AGAIN should be the cry and hue!

Who needs John McCain attacking Obama when Hillary does a better job of dividing and conquering, with no help from John McCain, we'll just let the Dems implode, like they always do?

Yes, we have the Internet, and most of the people on our side these days, but where are they? You won't see any of this mentioned in the MSM, not that you would ever expect to, anything anti-corporate is anti-American, or anti-murkan, bushes latest term for us.

We've had an idiot in chief for 8 years, and many say if he raped a child on the front lawn of the White House, it would be praised, and 're-framed' as a heroic act, and you know it would.

For example, take bill Clintons blow j*bs from Monica, (no big deal, oh, it's impeachable though, but Hillary really IS appropriate for the Presidency)? After all that?Jeez-us Key-rist!

How did we go from Ken Starr's' gross, highly detailed, and best-selling report and all the repulsiveness over it, to considering someone like Hillary, who married the bastard, for Pres. Does anyone follow me?


The only thing good about Biden is he isn't Hillary, IMHO.

And that IS huge.

At this point, we are disillusioned, silenced, despondent, discouraged, and sidelined. Our voices don't matter, we're shouting into the wind, Obama DID help Joe Lieberman defeat Ned Lamont, so even if he does become Pres, he is likely a corporate plant, to save the economy from bushes further destruction, and nothing more.

He pretty must lost me with his vote on FISA, though I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, though I'm not sure why.

He has a Gemini Moon (his 'inner self' is weak, though his Leo Sun is strong, and Aquarius rising, very smart).

A good chart overall, though I am always discouraged by Gemini Moons, too duplicitous for my taste, always willing to give the other side too much credit, like the way he ALWAYS says John McCain is an honorable man. He isn't, He murdered lots of innocent women and children in Viet Nam, from the air, an undeclared war-crime, and NO ONE mentions this. Why not? We are toast! Are we not?

Obama will continue to flip-flop, though this Moon sign gives him brilliance, he is no Dennis Kucinich when it comes to taking the right position and sticking with it.

This country is more than a horoscope, though you can boil it all down to a 'chart', all countries have one, a date in time that sets our 'intention', and is karmic, no matter who set the date, it was 'meant' to be.

Imagine India and Pakistan, born the same day, and even, moment, now that's rich! Don't see them getting along too well, now you know why! Two Leos! (Like Bill Clinton and Obama, Bill refuses to do the right thing, unless it's at the convention, where he gets his 'attention deficit disorder' prescription filled.

July 4th, 1776, which was supposedly picked by 'free' Masons' using Astrology, and the chart they constructed had many good things in mind. But they didn't know about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

(So much for using Astrology to determine the outcome of a countries' destiny by picking the best time, it worked out well for many landowners, slave-owners, future corporate CEO's and the military, and not for millions of dead people world-wide, as we've been the country of WAR for ever, with over 100 wars to our name, more than any other country in history). Still proud to be a 'murkan'?

Go wave that flag, yeah!

Unfortunately, the planet Uranus was only known to exist by advanced, (though history books say 'uncivilized') tribes in Africa, and NOT known by the Freemasons, and is the planet of revolution, radical change, freedom, and Universality.

Thus, the beginnings of this country were just that.

On the down side, it represents Uranium, as in Depleted Uranium, Nuclear destruction and radiation, nuclear power and explosive violence, unabated in the streets of the U.S. and in homes, whether on TV or being imitated by drunks beating their wives.

The founding fathers were unaware that Mars AND Uranus were conjunct in Gemini, the sign of 'duopoly', explosive, nuclear, and untrustworthy, thus, we were and are destined to self-destruct, from within, with no help from the terrorists, (except for the ones who rule without ever being exposed as the true terrorists, the neocon bush/cheney cabal!

So the planets allow us to set ourselves up for us to lie the populace into self-destruction, as we have, and will continue to do, until we call it good, end the charade, likely dividing the U.S. up into new chinese-(formerly Indian. like Indiana, Massachusetts, etc, named after the natives we genocided back to pre-stone age), provinces, rename them, and continue to praise the Olympics and the Chinese, or else......

Like Greenwood, where there 'used' to be green woods.Like Deer Creek, where there 'used' to be a creek with deer.Like Indian Lake, where natives 'used' to hunt, live, and fish.The examples are plentiful, and reveal the hypocrisy of our ways.

Anyone see this coming? I do.

The planets send positive energy, the only negatives are our lack of responsiveness, to the higher vibrations, and thus, we create our response, as the wise man rules his stars.

We are the ones at fault, we get the democracy we deserve, and we ARE getting it. Anyone disagree?

So it is still up to us to create the world we choose to create, once we decide to, which we obviously haven't, as the neocon corpocracy plods along it's course, headed for the nearest cliff.

BTW, www.Democracynow.org has a great show today, I recommend you watch it, and get a broader picture of how people are feeling, you won't get it from the teevee machine.

Just check out how the Dems won't let the press in to a delegate party where ATT thanks the Dems who voted for immunity for the phone companies.

The rich will stay rich, and the press, unless they're lapdogs for the rich, can go to hell, you must watch or listen to todays' show to believe what happened when Amy Goodman tried to report on the party for those who caved.

Check out the part on the blue dogs, and then tell me you're excited about this election.

The fix is in, if you watch the same clip I just did.

Better get active, or live out your worst nightmare, sitting behind our computers hasn't done anything to change things, that I can see anyway, when it comes to stopping the war in Iraq anyway. Maybe we can stop them from attacking Iran, though our track record is lousy so far.

Am I being positive enough?

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Time To Prune The Weed Laws (2024)
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