"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Is season 2 of Sneaky Pete good?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The second season of 'Sneaky Pete' is as good as the first. [Full Review in Spanish] Content collapsed. In two seasons the series perfectly carries on that mix of sharp dialogue, family drama and shocking violence - an amiable mix of Ocean's 11 with Breaking Bad - through its bail bonds and con artist worlds."}}]}}

Sneaky Pete Parents Guide (2024)

1. Parent reviews for Sneaky Pete | Common Sense Media

  • This Does Contain Nudity Despite Common Sense Rating ... The pilot episode is rated TV-14, but the series as a whole is rated TV-MA. In episode 2 there is a scene ...

  • Read Sneaky Pete reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Become a member to write your own review.

2. Sneaky Pete TV Review | Common Sense Media

  • 27 dec 2023 · Parents need to know that Sneaky Pete features characters who lie, break the law, and engage in other inappropriate behaviors but also love ...

  • Ex-con assumes new identity in dark comedy. Read Common Sense Media's Sneaky Pete review, age rating, and parents guide.

3. Family | Parents' Guide & Movie Review - Kids-In-Mind.com

  • Family is rated R. Read our parents' review for details on sexual content, violence and strong language to find out why.

  • An uptight executive (Taylor Schilling) is motivated solely by work success but is persuaded to care for her bullied teenage niece (Bryn Vale), who wants to run away and become a Juggalo. Initially their lives seem to spin into chaos, but together they learn to redefine what family really means. Also with Kate McKinnon, Brian Tyree Henry, Allison Tolman, Matt Walsh and Jessie Ennis. Directed by Laura Steinel. [Running Time: 1:25]

4. Moxie | Parents' Guide & Movie Review - Kids-In-Mind.com

  • Read our parents' guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language. ... Sneaky Pete, Seth the Shrimp, Britney Spears), exclamations (shut up, ...

  • A shy 16-year old student (Hadley Robinson) finds her political voice when she despairs, experiencing escalating sexism and racism at her high school. Also with Lauren Tsai, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Nico Hiraga, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sydnek Pack Sabrina Haskett, Ike Barinholtz, Marcia Gay Harden and Amy Poehler. Directed by Poehler. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Spanish and Mandarin without translation, and a song is sung in French without translation. [Running Time: 1:51]

5. Bodkin parents guide: Bod-can your kids watch the new Netflix show?

6. Sneaky Pete - Season 3 - Episode-by-Episode Reviews

  • 26 mei 2019 · Getting her bailed out required a fake fight between Marius/Pete (Giovanni Ribisi) and Taylor (Shane McRae), ending with the latter taking a hit ...


  • 13 apr 2018 · It was actually really impressive in retrospect and God bless our parents for sitting through them. A manager found me there. I started ...

  • LIBE BARER plays the character of Carly Bowman from the Amazon crime Thriller series SNEAKY PETE. Discover her favorite books, and the stories she shared about acting, auditions, and what inspires her.

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  • Hatch sound machines that were sold at Target, Walmart, BuyBuyBaby and other nationwide retailers have been recalled due to a risk of shock.

9. Sneaky Pete - Season 2 - Episode-By-Episode Reviews

  • 11 mrt 2018 · And Julia finds Lance (Jacob Pitts) through his girlfriend, Trish (Heather Burns), who she reads like a book. If only Julia could read fake Pete ...

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11. Sneaky Pete - Four More Bites

  • 1 jun 2022 · ... sneaky pete about 10 years ago at one of my immediate family's staycations. Every summer we have a staycation at my parent's house with all ...

  • The sneaky pete is so yummy, and a really refreshing drink in the summer. It's like an Icee, but with alcohol.

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13. Ninjago Wiki - Fandom

  • ... Pete · Min-Droid · Miss Demeanor · Nindroid Drones · Nindroid Warriors · The ... Sneaky Snakes · Snake villain · Snappa · Snike · Captain Soto · Soul ...

  • People and places

14. 'Pete The Cat' on Amazon Prime Video Review: Stream It or Skip It?

  • 22 sep 2018 · It's the perfect show for parents who want their kids to ... Sneaky Things Only Adults Notice In Small SoldiersLooper.com · The ...

  • The series, based on the popular books, features the voices of Jacob Tremblay, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall and Don Was, with music by Costello.

15. Spider activities - Perkins School For The Blind

  • The Sneaky, Greedy Spider poem (creative commons). The Nervous Spider Short ... Read the book aloud, share the book list with parents, and/or ask your ...

  • Fall-themed spider activities for various ages and goals!

16. The gig venue guide: The Liquid Room, Edinburgh - The Guardian

  • 24 jun 2014 · ... Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh. 3 Mar 2015. 7. 7. comments. The gig venue guide ... parents were alive so I could tell them I'm a concept': Tilda ...

  • Although Glasgow dominates the touring schedules, this venue has an electric and heady atmosphere that is a rite of passage for Edinburgh gig-goers

17. Profile: Nick Rayder - The Crested Butte News

  • 24 aug 2022 · “All the derelicts drank Sneaky Pete, a chemical drink that would sneak up on you and make you feel good. They'd beg on the streets, they'd ...

  • [  By Dawne Belloise  ] Nick Rayder is a man of many talents and disciplines, drawing from his vast

18. Royal house of Djinjago | Ninjago Wiki

  • ... Pete · Min-Droid · Miss Demeanor · Nindroid Drones · Nindroid Warriors · The ... Sneaky Snakes · Snake villain · Snappa · Snike · Captain Soto · Soul ...

  • This article is about the Royal Family of Djinjago. For other uses, see here. The royal house[1] is the imperial family of Djinjago. Khanjikhan (deceased) Nadakhan's mother (deceased) Nadakhan In "The Way Back," Nadakhan creates two statues of past djinn kings, with one of them being of his father, Khanjikhan. It is possible that the other one was of his paternal grandfather, but it is not confirmed.

19. The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rolling Stone

  • 31 dec 2023 · Russell adopts a florid falsetto to sing Ron's lyrics about clumsy sex (“Amateur Hour”), Albert Einstein's doting parents ... Sneaky Pete Kleinow.

  • To remake our greatest albums list, we tabulated Top 50 Albums lists from more than 300 artists, producers, critics, music-industry figures.

Sneaky Pete Parents Guide (2024)


Is sneaky Pete appropriate? ›

Parents need to know that Sneaky Pete features characters who lie, break the law, and engage in other inappropriate behaviors but also love their families. Physical fights sometimes lead to injuries (black eyes, some blood), and guns are often drawn. There's some sexual innuendo, cursing, and drinking (beer,…

Is enough appropriate for kids? ›

Parents need to know that Enough is a 2002 drama about domestic violence. Jennifer Lopez plays an abused wife who grabs her small child and runs away from her abusive, gun-toting husband. When she can no longer hide from him, she hatches a plan to stop him once and for all. A man beats his wife.

Can kids watch enough? ›

Enough [2002] [PG-13] - 4.6. 3 | Parents' Guide & Review | Kids-In-Mind.com. SEX/NUDITY 4 - Men and women kiss romantically in several scenes. A man climbs in bed with a woman (her young daughter is sleeping in the same bed) and the man and woman hold hands, kiss and hold each other.

Is Sneaky Pete worth watching? ›

Even though it ended it on a cliffhanger it's still definitely worth watching, it's not the kind of cliffhanger that will ruin the show for you. Once you start this amazing series you won't be able to stop watching it until you've binged the entire series so make sure you give yourself enough time to watch it.

Was Sneaky Pete Cancelled? ›

On January 19, 2017, Amazon announced that Sneaky Pete had been renewed for a second season, which was released on March 9, 2018. On July 28, 2018, Amazon announced that the series had been renewed for a third season, which was released on May 10, 2019. On June 4, 2019, Amazon cancelled the series after three seasons.

What is Sneaky Pete slang for? ›

noun. , Slang. a homemade or inferior liquor or wine.

What age is rated R OK? ›

Restricted: R - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material.

Why is the kid rated R? ›

Viewers will see intense violence against women, as well as lots of guns and shooting (including by the teen boy), blood spurts, dead bodies, and gore.

Is Rated R appropriate for 12 year olds? ›

The R-rating doesn't ban children under 17 from a movie, it restricts them to watching it with a parent or guardian (and includes a recommendation that parents and guardians learn more before allowing their child to see the movie).

Can my 13 year old watch my baby? ›

However, individual states may have different rules, and it's important to note that babysitting is not covered under the DOL's Fair Labor Standards Act, which sets guidelines for young workers. Many experts believe the minimum age for babysitting should be at least 12 or 13.

Why is anyone but you rated R? ›

Rated R for language throughout, sexual content and brief graphic nudity.

Can my 12 year old watch anyone but you? ›

Considering that the film is set to feature “naked scenes,” it isn't considered to be safe for kids to watch. Parents are advised not to take their children to screenings of Anyone But You due to its reportedly mature content.

Is Sneaky Pete funny? ›

Sneaky Pete as a hilarious dramedy (comedy and drama) about a con man called Marius Joesepophic (i think thats how you pronounce it) who takes the role of former in-mate Pete to stay from his family and pay back a debt to another con man.

What should I watch after Sneaky Pete? ›

Is season 2 of Sneaky Pete good? ›

The second season of 'Sneaky Pete' is as good as the first. [Full Review in Spanish] Content collapsed. In two seasons the series perfectly carries on that mix of sharp dialogue, family drama and shocking violence - an amiable mix of Ocean's 11 with Breaking Bad - through its bail bonds and con artist worlds.

Is Sneaky Pete connected to Breaking Bad? ›

The truth is that it's not, but the origins of the new series are actually even more compelling than if Marius/Pete was a real person — because the show comes from one of TV's biggest stars, co-creator of Sneaky Pete, Bryan Cranston.

Is Freaky Friday appropriate for 10 year olds? ›

MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children for this FREAKY FRIDAY because of its occult fortune cookie gimmick and a significant amount of light foul language.

Is my spy kid appropriate? ›

Rated PG-13 for action/violence and language.

Is Pete the Cat OK for kids? ›

Kids will see Pete the Cat as the kind of friend they'd like to spend time with. He's soft-spoken, level-headed, and always up for new things ... that is, after he figures out what they are and how they will affect him.

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