How To Find Vice Lord Codes? (2024)

The Vice Lords are a well-known street gang that originated in Chicago, Illinois in the 1950s. They have a strong presence in many cities across the United States and are known for their use of codes and symbols. If you’re interested in learning more about the Vice Lords and their codes, here are some tips on how to find them.

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  1. Research online: The internet is a great resource for finding information on street gangs, including the Vice Lords. Websites such as,, and provide information on the history, symbols, and codes of the Vice Lords.
  2. Visit local libraries: Many local libraries have books and resources on street gangs, including the Vice Lords. Check the non-fiction section and look for books on gang culture, street gangs, or specific gangs such as the Vice Lords.
  3. Talk to experts: Many experts in the field of gang research and intervention have a wealth of knowledge on street gangs, including the Vice Lords. Contact a local university or community organization that specializes in gang research and ask if they can provide information on the Vice Lords.
  4. Observe the community: Pay attention to the community around you and look for signs of Vice Lord activity. This may include graffiti with Vice Lord symbols, individuals wearing Vice Lord colors or clothing, or Vice Lord graffiti on buildings or street signs.
  5. Be aware of the codes: The Vice Lords use a variety of codes and symbols to communicate with each other. These codes may include numbers, letters, and symbols. For example, the number “5” is often used to represent the Vice Lords, as it is the fifth letter in the alphabet (V). The letter “V” is also used to represent the Vice Lords, as well as the five-pointed star.

It is important to note that researching and learning about street gangs, including the Vice Lords, should not be taken lightly. Gangs are often involved in illegal activities and can be dangerous. If you suspect that someone you know is involved in a street gang, it is important to seek professional help. Additionally, It is illegal to be associated with gangs or to use their symbols and codes.


SVL Vice Lord codes are a way of identifying members of the gang. These codes are different from the typical gang codes. The main differences are the color and the type of symbols used to identify a Vice Lord.

SVL Vice Lord codes are usually gold or red, have a top hat, and are worn by men. They also have a cane or a rabbit wearing a bow tie. Other symbols include the five-point star and the pyramid with a crescent moon.

The Vice Lords are a Chicago-based gang formed in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the Illinois state training center. The SVL gang grew and relocated to various Chicago neighborhoods. They engaged in criminal activities and fought against other gangs and neighborhoods. In addition, they collected dues from their members and bought ammunition and ammunition equipment.

During the 1970s, Vice Lords took over gang territories. They began fighting against gangs such as Clovers, Continental Pimps, and the Imperial Knights. They also fought against Egyptian Cobras and the Barons. They could take control of the west side and the Lawndale area. The SVL became one of the most significant gangs in Chicago.

They were known to have more than 30,000 members. They operate in 74 cities across the United States and Canada. They have a mission of uniting black people.

The Vice Lords are involved in traditional gang-related crimes, including violence, narcotic trafficking, and credit card fraud. They are considered one of the oldest street gangs in Chicago. The SVL has branches in Cook County, DuPage County, and Kane County.

The Vice Lords started as a group of African American youths in Mississippi. The founder of the organization was Edward Peplow Perry.

Street IGD

GS Klingon is a former District Attorney Investigator, gang consultant, and lecturer. He was also a US Army Reserve officer with over 30 years of experience in the military intelligence arena. He resides in Westchester County (NY), where he is an avid runner and cyclist. In addition, he has a degree in Finance from the prestigious Wharton Business School in Manhattan. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Gangs in the Northeast and The Complete Book of New York City – Second Edition.

One of his more prestigious jobs is a high-ranking scouting group on the East Coast. He also is the only person to win the coveted award for the best scout in the country. It is no wonder the thugs, as mentioned earlier, have a reputation for killing or maiming their victims. As mentioned earlier, this is not to say that the dudes are untouchable. The most unfortunate part is that they are now responsible for the lives of many more innocents. They are also the unofficial guardians of the coveted booze. This is a recipe for disaster.

In the end, it is the little things that count. One of the biggest challenges is recognizing and identifying the IGD from the pack. While the thugs, as mentioned earlier, may have the right color swag, the gang is not the easiest to spot. Moreover, the IGD has its secret police department. Finally, the thugs, as mentioned earlier, are not the only ones in town, as many other well-kept secrets are waiting to be unearthed. Fortunately, there are those with the brains and the nerve to put it to good use.

Insane Code

Founded in 1958 by African American youths in Chicago, the Vice Lords gang became an informal social organization. Their symbols include a top hat, a cane, and a Playboy bunny.

After their founding, the Vice Lords gang expanded to a larger informal social organization called the “Vice Lords Nation.” Their membership increased, and they began to engage in various crimes, including mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, and other types of money laundering. In addition, they established recreational areas for neighborhood children and used them as meeting houses when the buildings were closed.

In the 1990s, the Vice Lords Nation engaged in typical activities. They were a prominent force in the Southern and Great Lakes areas and were expanding into other parts of the country. During this time, many leaders were arrested and sent to prison.

The Imperial Insane Vice Lords (IVL) gang was another street gang. They were a gang accused of armed violence, drug distribution, racketeering, and other unlawful activity. Their members included Julian Martin, Nathaniel Hoskins, and Torrie King. They were later linked to the Traveling Vice Lords and Four Corner Hustler Vice Lords.

The Imperial Insane Vicelors have a deeper Insane Code than other gangs. This Insane Code makes them want to kill in David’s name. It also imposes a strict order of secrecy. It is said that Solomon, a former Vice Lord member, developed this Insane Code as a way to control the gang’s members. He believed that claiming a specific position gave members “royalty status.”

The Insane Vicelord Nation, or IGD, is a Chicago-based street gang. It is one of the oldest prison gangs in Chicago. They have a mission to unite black people. They have some sub-groups, such as the Aryan Brotherhood and Blue Bird Gang.

Almighty Vice Lord Nation

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Founded in 1957, the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, or ALVN, is one of the oldest street gangs in Chicago. Although there is no official membership count, it’s estimated that there are between 30,000 and 35,000 members across the country. The organization has several subgroups, including the Traveling Vice Lords, Unknown Vice Lords, and the Aryan Brotherhood.

The organization is located in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. Its headquarters are called the Holy City and located near 16th and Pulaski streets. The gang has also expanded into other areas, including the Great Lakes and Southern states.

The organization’s most impressive achievement was forming a multi-gang alliance called the People Nation. The multi-gang alliance comprises several different allied gangs, such as the Renegade Vice Lords, the Aryan Brotherhood, and the Blue Bird Gang.

The Almighty Vice Lord Nation has its share of petty crime and some notable achievements in mortgage fraud and credit card theft. In addition, the organization has been known to take advantage of the federal government’s free money. Aside from that, the Almighty Vice Lords are a roleplaying gang. They are organized into several decks, or subgroups, and are led by various members, including a shot caller and an overseer. Having the tiniest budget is acceptable in this organization.

The Almighty Vice Lords may have had the most significant members for years, but they have never ceased to be feared in the Chicago area. This is essentially thanks to the infamous Alfonso Alfred, who died in 2007 after a gruesome shootout.

The Almighty Vice Lords have been a driving force behind the success of other allied gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood and the Blue Bird Gang.

Lady Lords

Historically, Vice Lords was an African-American street gang. However, the Vice Lords have evolved into an informal social organization. This has expanded the organization’s activities into credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, and other forms of money laundering. The Vice Lords Nation is active in 74 United States and Canadian cities.

There are many different factions of the Vice Lords. In addition, there are several former Vice Lords. Some of these are the Chocolate Vice Lords, Ebony Vice Lords, Ambrose Vice Lords, and Madison Vice Lords. There are also several Latino Vice Lords.

The Vice Lords first appeared on the west side of Chicago in 1957. Several young African-American men came together while they were in juvenile correctional facilities. The organization increased. They began to engage in conflicts with other Chicago neighborhoods. Edwin “Pepalo” Perry led the organization. In 1964, the Vice Lords moved to various Chicago neighborhoods. In the process, the Vice Lords’ power and influence increased.

During the ’90s, the Vice Lords engaged in their usual activities. They also began to use Islamic ideologies to conceal their true intentions. Some of the factions have disbanded and merged with other factions.

The Vice Lords gang has branches in Peoria, Illinois. Minneapolis, Minnesota, DuPage County, Cook County, Lake County, and Kane County. The gang’s national headquarters is located near Pulaski and 16th Street.

The Vice Lords have an ISO or informal social organization. This is a group of elite movers within the gang structure. This organization is often familial-based and functions as the elite core of the gang.

The Vice Lords were involved in a federal investigation regarding the company CVL, Inc. The company was accused of wasteful use of federal funds. In response, the police responded with round-the-clock surveillance of Delpit.


What is a Vice Lord code?

A Vice Lord code is a set of guidelines and principles that members of the Vice Lord gang are expected to follow. These codes can vary depending on the specific faction or set within the gang.

How can I find Vice Lord codes?

One way to find Vice Lord codes is to research the gang online and look for information from reputable sources such as law enforcement agencies or academic studies. You can also try reaching out to current or former members of the gang, but be aware that this may be dangerous and should be done with caution.

Are Vice Lord codes publicly available?

No, Vice Lord codes are not publicly available as they are intended for members of the gang only. Attempting to access or share these codes without permission from the gang can result in serious consequences.

Can I find Vice Lord codes on social media?

It is possible to find Vice Lord codes on social media, but it is important to be cautious and verify the authenticity of the information. Many online accounts claiming to be affiliated with the Vice Lords may not be legitimate and may share false or misleading information.

Are there different codes for different factions within the Vice Lords?

Yes, there can be different codes for different factions within the Vice Lords. These codes may vary based on the specific leadership and culture of each faction.

Can I learn the Vice Lord codes if I am not a member of the gang?

It is unlikely that you will be able to learn the Vice Lord codes if you are not a member of the gang. The codes are intended for members only and may not be shared with outsiders.

Is it illegal to possess or share Vice Lord codes?

Possessing or sharing Vice Lord codes without permission from the gang can be considered a criminal offense. This may be considered as a criminal association, possession of stolen property, or other criminal activities. It is important to consult with a lawyer if you have any questions about the legal consequences of sharing or possessing Vice Lord codes.

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How To Find Vice Lord Codes? (2024)
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