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Dark and Darker is a first-person fantasy PvPvE game set in a perilous dungeon full of traps and powerful foes. You load into each match somewhere in the dungeon, and the goal is to eventually escape using a Blue Portal, ideally with plenty of loot in your pockets. However, as the match progresses, the safe area of the map gradually shrinks, and you'll run into enemy players who may well try to take your loot for themselves. Take note of these Dark and Darker tips and tricks to help you emerge victorious!

Beginner Tips and Tricks


Learn How To Tackle Each Mob

Your health is a precious resource in Dark and Darker, so you'll want to avoid taking damage whenever possible.

  • Be sure to dodge Skeleton sword swings by staying a safe distance away until after their attack animation completes.
  • Some Skeleton Archers fire two arrows in rapid succession - don't get caught out.
  • Take care to dodge Mage spells. They have a protective spell that they cast automatically if you get too close to them. They can also cast protective spells on other mobs.
  • Spiders often come from spawners, which look like ceramic pots lying on their side. You'll need to destroy the pot to stop more spiders appearing. Be sure to aim down to hit them - try jumping on a chest and crouching to attack them from a safe distance.
  • Flying Skulls' eyes will glow gold while they are preparing to swoop at you. They don't have much HP, so try to dispatch them quickly in this time.
  • If you get close to a Mummy, they will release a cloud of green noxious gas which deals damage over time. It disperses eventually, but be sure to steer cleer, especially as it travels a short distance before disappearing.
  • Look out for Wraiths (floating ghostly creatures) - they're strong and hit hard. They'll stay aggro-ed on to the last player who hit them, so let them chase enemy players where possible.
  • Similarly, Champions (Skeletons with horned helmets and shields) can be difficult to tackle alone. Try to kite them with ranged attacks where possible.
  • Red skeletons/red-eyed mobs are Elite mobs, which means they do more damage and are more difficult to kill.
  • Mobs with black eyes are Nightmare mobs, which are even more powerful than Elites.

Practice Attacking

The weapons you'll use all have different attack animations and reach. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the way your equipped weapon moves and swings when you use your attacks; certain weapons also have an alternate swing on right-click.

Depending on the weapon you're using, you may find yourself hitting doorways or walls in enclosed spaces, or struggling to hit mobs that are closer to the ground or in the air. This will become easier as you get more familiar with combat, but can also be compensated for by carrying alternative weapons in your second weapon slot.

Avoid Friendly Fire

If you're playing in a team, it's important to watch your positioning relative to the other members of your party while engaging in combat. Spellcasters and Rangers in particular are at risk of a wayward bolt hitting their allies instead of the target. Since your melee teammates can't see behind them, it's mainly your job to ensure you avoid hitting them by mistake.

Where possible, avoid playing directly behind your melee teammates, and instead position yourself off to one side. Rather than both fighting in a corridor one behind the other and trying to shoot over their shoulder, move back or forward into a room and let the melee player draw aggro while you move around to one side.

Note: As you move around the room, try to avoid activating any mobs or standing on traps! This will become easier as you become more familiar with the map.

You may also be able to use verticality to get a safer angle on the target, by using stairs, walls, or chests. If you must play behind your teammate, ensure you leave them ample room to back up and dodge attacks; if they're moving backwards, you should too.

If you're a melee player, try and move somewhat predictably if you can, particularly if an allied Cleric is trying to buff you - you probably won't be happy if they buff your enemy instead. Fighting the same target as another melee player isn't recommended, especially if you're using a weapon with a wide arc. If you must, try to position yourself on the opposite side of the mob at all times.

The Wizard's Chain Lightning spell can jump to - and damage - your teammates! Use with caution.


Above all, when playing with others, it helps to communicate when you need someone to move in a particular way.

Sell Your Loot

Whenever you successfully extract, head to the merchants and exchange any useless items or trinkets for gold.

If you find something particularly good that your class can't equip, you may want to trade with other players, or - if you're feeling generous - bring it into a match and drop it for a friend who can use it. You can't swap items across characters, though.

Purchase Healing Items

Once you've managed to extract successfully a few times, you should spend some of your money on healing items like bandages and health potions. They're relatively inexpensive and extremely helpful to ensure you're not left at a big disadvantage when the end-of-match skirmishes take place.

Find out more about how to heal in Dark and Darker!

Open Portals

If you find an Escape Portal, consider opening it even if you're not ready to use it quite yet. You can then head into the next room and see if you can grab any more loot before leaving - just try to make sure it doesn't get stolen by an enemy first!

If the final circle is closing in and you're not able to find an exit portal, consider taking a Down Portal instead. This takes you deeper to the second floor of the dungeon, which is full of extremely difficult mobs - your chances of escaping may be slim, but once the circle closes completely you'll die anyway, so it's worth the gamble. If you do find yourself on the second floor underprepared, heal up once you load in if you can, and try to survive as long as possible by using the map terrain to avoid and block enemies.

Aim for the Head

Hitting an enemy is good, hitting them where it hurts the most is even better. As a general rule, headshots deal the highest damage to your opponent. If you want to practice this and see the difference, you can use the dummies in the waiting area before a new game starts.


Loot Faster

There are three ways to move loot to your inventory: drag it, double-click with the left mouse button, or click the item once with your right mouse button. It’s best to use the right mouse button, as this is the least time-consuming. It may not seem very important, but when the Death Swarm is closing in or when enemies are nearby, the extra time can save your life.

Intermediate Tips and Tricks

Know When to Engage

Upon entering a new room, it's important to consider your strategy and situation before blindly rushing in. You may wish to ensure you only aggro a few mobs at a time, or try to sneak past some mobs entirely.

However, playing it slow and careful isn't always the best strategy. Taking mobs down quickly means you're able to loot faster, and are less likely to be caught out by enemy players.

If you've aggro-ed mobs you can't handle, you may be able to leave the room and quickly close the door to lock them in.

If you've spotted another team, you don't necessarily have to fight them, especially if they haven't noticed you. There's no shame in avoiding a fight once in a while!

Conversely, if you have teammates nearby, plenty of HP, and some helpful loot, consider pushing the enemy team quickly and decisively so they don't have time to prepare to engage you.

Practice Fighting

Though you may be able to avoid fights and get lucky enough to extract with some loot, it's crucial to develop skills and experience fighting other players.


Player skill is a significant factor in fights, so if you always sneak your loot, you're more likely to lose it to players who spent their time scrapping, even if they have worse gear than you.

Once you're familiar enough with the game that you can tackle most PvE engagements comfortably, know your way around most rooms, and can use your weapons, spells, and abilities reliably, you should be looking to choose to take PvP fights, rather than only taking PvP fights forced upon you.

Use the Darkness

Both the Rogue and the Wizard have invisibility skills to help you trick your enemies, but every class can make use of the dungeon's darkness. Hide in a corner or on a ledge, put out any torches in the area, and wait for unsuspecting enemy players to walk by. Ensure you remove any potions from your utility slots, though, as they glow in the dark!

Throw Torches Down To Fight In Dark Areas

Sometimes, darkness is not your ally. Fortunately you have a set of torches as part of your base kit, and you can throw them down on the floor to illuminate a particular area, by right-clicking with the torch equipped. This is incredibly helpful in the smaller loot rooms with enemies that spawn, or if you end up pulling foes into a dark corner as you kite them.

Remove Armor for Speed

If you've seen other players running around with minimal clothing, they may be opting for an armorless strategy that sacrifices protection in exchange for additional mobility. Attempt this at your own risk.

Find the Best Team Composition

The best Dark and Darker team compositions typically include a Cleric, as this class provides the best support. For the remaining two slots, try to get a ranged DPS, like the Ranger, and a melee DPS, such as the Barbarian. While you may get away with two melees instead of a ranged class, it’s not a good idea to pair the Cleric with just Rangers or Wizards.

This page is currently in-progress! Check back soon for more Dark and Darker tips.

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