Billionaire Larry Ellison pulled over for speeding on his own Hawaiian island: report (2024)

Larry Ellison had purchased some 98 per cent of Lanai’s properties for $300 million more than a decade ago.

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first published: Jan 12, 2023 05:15 pm

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Billionaire Larry Ellison pulled over for speeding on his own Hawaiian island: report (2024)


How did Larry Ellison get pulled over on his own island? ›

The officer told Ellison that he was pulled over for running through a stop sign and that he was "kind of speeding." Ellison apologized and told the officer he was trying to get home to have dinner with his kids. "But there's no excuse," Ellison said. "There's no good excuse."

Who owns 98% of a Hawaiian island? ›

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle.

Billionaire Larry Ellison owns an island in Hawaii. 98 per cent of the island of Lanai is his property.

What Hawaiian island does Larry Ellison live on? ›

Since its initial conveyance in the early 20th century, a handful of people have called Lanaʻi their own, including “Pineapple King” James Dole and billionaire businessman David Murdock. The current owner of the island is Larry Ellison, the billionaire who co-founded the software giant Oracle Corp.

Did Larry Ellison get a ticket? ›

Ellison searched through his belonging for a couple of minutes. He then told the officer that he did not have his license on him. The officer from the Maui Police Department, which patrols Lanai, issued Ellison a citation.

How much did Larry Ellison pay for Hawaii Island? ›

After visiting the remote Hawaiian island of Lanai, the billionaire founder of Oracle loved the property so much that he decided to buy it in 2012. The $300 million splurge got him 98 percent of the island, which includes nearly 90,000 acres of land, a 3,200 person town and two Four Seasons resorts.

Who owns the most land on the Big Island of Hawaii? ›

Who owns most of the land in Hawaii? The largest single Landowner in Hawaii is the state Government with around 1.3 million acres. That's followed by the Federal Government with around 540,000 acres and in third place is the Kamehameha Schools Trust (formerly the Bishop trust) with about 363,000 acres.

Did Mark Zuckerberg buy an island in Hawaii? ›

Zuckerberg's compound is on the north-east side of Kauai. The Hawaiian island is the oldest of the four main islands and has a population of around 73,000. The ranch land spans around 570 hectares (1,400 acres), with the Facebook boss beginning to buy land in 2014, per The Hill.

Does Jeff Bezos own a Hawaiian island? ›

Bezos, who is currently the third richest person in the world worth about $192 billion, owns a home on an estimated 14 acres of land on Maui worth $78 million. He also lent his helicopter to the Maui fire department, which it used to shuttle workers to affected areas where land and sea access was unfeasible.

Who owns the biggest island in Hawaii? ›

The Hawaii State Government.

The State of Hawaii owns land on every island, including 127.1 acres on Niihau and over 1 million acres on Hawaii Island (the Big Island).

Which Hawaiian island is Obama from? ›

Barack Obama is the first U.S. President to be elected having been born in Hawaii. He was born on the island of Oahu and spent much of his youth living in Honolulu. Living in Hawaii with such a diversity of cultures and ethnic acceptance he says has helped shape his world view, and the values he holds most dear.

Does Oprah own a Hawaiian island? ›

A year ago, Oprah Winfrey scooped up 850 acres on Maui for $6.4 million, adding to the 1,280 acres she already owned on the island. Set inland, her (mostly contiguous) property extends over green hills into a forest preserve on the slopes of the Haleakala volcano.

Why is Larry Ellison so rich? ›

Larry Ellison, the fifth-richest person in the world, is known for founding mega-tech giant Oracle in 1977 with just $2,000. Today, Oracle is worth an astounding $300 billion and Ellison spends most of his time on Lanai, Hawaii's sixth-largest island, which he owns.

What airline does Larry Ellison own? ›

Less than a year after buying the Hawaiian island of Lanai, Oracle chief Larry Ellison has purchased Island Air, an airline serving much of Hawaii.

Does Larry Ellison own a fighter jet? ›

Ellison also owns at least two military jets: the Italian training aircraft SIAI-Marchetti S.211, and a decommissioned Soviet fighter MiG-29, which the US government has refused him permission to import.

Is Larry Ellison richer than Bill Gates? ›

Larry Ellison Unseats Bill Gates As World's 5th Richest Billionaire.

What part of Lanai does Ellison not own? ›

In June 2012, Larry Ellison, then CEO of Oracle Corporation, purchased Castle & Cooke's 98 percent share of the island for $300 million. The state and individual homeowners own the remaining 2 percent, which includes the harbor and the private homes where the 3,000 inhabitants live.

Are there police on Lanai? ›

The Lanai Police Station is part of the Maui County Police Department. The Department's mission is to serve the community in a manner that epitomizes those ideals woven into the fabric of the Constitution of the United States and the Spirit of Aloha.

Does Larry Ellison have a home on Lanai? ›

Pathways around the estate can be accessed with two golf carts, included with the purchase, and 40-foot fishing boat can be included with a slip at the Manele Harbor. Ellison, who owns 98% of Lanai, recently announced that he will live on the island full-time.

How did the Robinsons buy Niihau? ›

Niihau in the Modern Era

She sought to purchase land in Hawaii for ranching, and King Kamehameha agreed, knowing they were great assets to the islands. The Robinson family was able to purchase Niihau from King Kamehameha in 1864 for $10,000.

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