Almighty Vice Lord Nation (2024)

Almighty Vice Lord Nation (1)

Almighty Vice Lord Nation

FoundedChicago, IL
Founded byEdward Perry Bobby Gore (CVL) Neal Wallace (TVL) Willie Loyd (UVL) King Troy (MIVL) Walter Wheat (4CH)
Years activelate 1950s–present
ColorsGold, Red, Black
TerritoryNationwide (Mainly the South & Midwest)
EthnicityMostly African American, Hispanic
ActivitiesCommunity outreach, charities, back to school drives, toy drives, philanthropy, unity, vigilantes
AlliesPeople Nation, Black P. Stones, .
RivalsAryan Brotherhood, Folk Nation, Gangster Disciples, Simon City Royals, Black Disciples , Latin Kings (Depends on Set), Black P Stones(Depends on Set), Mickey Cobras(Depends on Set)


  • 1 Decks/Tribes/Branches
  • 2 CVLN, Inc.
  • 3 Muslim identity adopted (1980s)
  • 4 1990s-present
  • 5 Rappers
  • 6 Athletes

In 1957, the Vice Lords organization was founded by Bobby Gore, Bryan J. Reddix, Tony Reddix, and several African American youths originally from Mississippi migrated to North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. These youths met while incarcerated in the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. Charles (also known as the St. Charles Juvenile Correctional Facility). At the time, they were led by founding member Edwin "Pepalo" Perry. The name "vice" meaning as "having a tight hold".

As the original Vice Lords group were released from incarceration, they quickly began to recruit other youths from their neighborhood and began engaging in conflicts with other "clubs" from various Chicago neighborhoods. By 1964, they had grown significantly.

CVLN, Inc.[]

In an attempt at softening their public image, a leader of one of the original 8 Vice Lord sets changed the gang's name to "Conservative Vice Lords", which today serves as the foundation of the entire Vice Lord Nation. They developed new logos and advertised themselves as a community outreach group. They went as far as to petition for a community outreach chapter named "Conservative Vice Lord Incorporated". This attempt was successful enough that the group began to receive a large amount of positive publicity from various politicians and community leaders. CVL, Inc. established a number of recreational areas for neighborhood children which were then used as meeting houses after they had closed for the day.

In 1970, two Vice Lord leaders, Alfonso Alfred and Bobby Gore, applied for a $275,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation approved the grant. This particular era of the CVL is documented in the 1970 film, Lord Thing, by Chicago filmmaker DeWitt Beall. Those featured in the film include Bobby Gore, Kenneth "Goat" Parks, Eddy "Pepilo" Perry, Don McIlvaine, Leonard Sengali and William Franklin.

At the same time, the gang was successfully consolidating smaller neighborhood gangs (including the Cherokees, the Morphines, the Commanches, the Continental Pimps, the Imperial Chaplains, the Clovers, the Cobras, and the Braves) into the Vice Lord Nation. As a result, their numbers swelled significantly. An introduction of narcotics into the Lawndale neighborhood during this time, along with a rapid increase in crimes involving intimidation, extortion, and murders of business owners who refused to pay for "protection" were perpetrated by the gang.

Muslim identity adopted (1980s)[]

After public pressure, a federal investigation into CVL, Inc.'s use of the Rockefeller grant money was conducted and as a result, several leaders were arrested and sent to prison. By the early 1980s, Perry and Alfred were dead and Gore was in prison for murder. The younger Vice Lord leadership attempted to conceal the gang's true intentions with another camouflage campaign, this time by adopting Islamic ideologies. By the mid-1990s, they had created a large document called Lords of Islam which addressed new rules for the origination . Their headquarters, located near Pulaski and 16th Street, is referred to as the "Holy City". Despite common misconception, not all Vice Lords are Muslims; in fact, many are Christian. This diversity has caused significant turmoil within the nation. It even caused some Vice Lords to flip or drop their flag.


In the 1990s, the VLs, while engaging in the usual activities, became much more sophisticated and expanded into mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, and money laundering. In 2021 the Almighty Vicelord Nation became a corporation operating globally with the mission of uniting black people. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the Vice Lords Nation has between approximately 30,000 and 35,000 members operating in 74 cities and 28 states, primarily in the Southern and Great Lakes region.


  • Finese2Tymes (UVL)
  • Moneybagg Yo (TVL)
  • Polo G (CVL or (TVL)
  • RichLord Dirty Dnasty (TVL)
  • Cartel Da Don (TVL)
  • OTS PaulDeuce (TVL) or (CVL)
  • KayNine (IVL)
  • Key Glock (TVL)
  • Twista (4CH)
  • Common (4CH)
  • IME Casino (CVL)
  • Donterio Hundon (MIVL)
  • Lud Foe (4CH)
  • Cago Leek (TVL)
  • Almi9hty Lil Trav (TVL)
  • Bo Deal (MIVL)
  • 147 Calboy (4CH)
  • BigWalkDog (CVL)
  • EL Hitta (TVL)
  • Big Dawg C3 (CVL)
  • OTF Doodie Lo (CVL) or (4CH)
  • SNYPAZ - Chilla (UVL)
  • Triple Darkness - Vice Lords and Foes
  • Crucial Conflict - Coldhard (UVL) Wildstyle (CVL) Never (TVL) Kilo (4CH)
  • Psychodrama (TVL)
  • Lieutenant $hyne
  • Big Hurt
  • Scotty Cartel
  • GloRilla (affiliate)
  • Vonoff1700
  • ZayTiggy (CVL)
  • Timo
  • A5 Rell (TVL)
  • CamWittaK
  • Birdd Luciano (CVL)
  • JR007(4CH)
  • Pluto 2x (CVL)
  • SG Batman (4CH)
  • Kellywap
  • CFN Youngan
  • Bizzle55
  • Magix
  • TBU Breezy (UVL)
  • NamedBran B. Hi (4CH)
  • LiSplatt
  • Mack Mecca (MIVL)
  • Icky Tha Don (MIVL)
  • Chilldrin Of Da Ghetto C.O.G - Goldiiz (MIVL)
  • Badseed (UVL) P-Child (TVL)
  • ManeMane4CGG (4CH)
  • Lil Ceno(4CH)
  • ZMoney (MIVL)
  • DCG Brothers (4CH)
  • YH Young Dolo (4CH)
  • VL DecK
  • Fat4Glo (4CH)
  • Rebelyus
  • Amoneyy
  • Ca55h Ginobli
  • Quando Muney
  • Go Fedd
  • Dolamight Solid (4CH)
  • Ripper DaBody (TVL)
  • Mr Richey (IVL)
  • iCeemuney (IVL)
  • Spark Allat (TVL)
  • HD Wiz (4CH)
  • EBK Foe (4CH)
  • FBE Ayoo
  • Ebone Hoodrich (MIVL)
  • Dee Jap (CVL)
  • Lil Lawd (CVL)
  • Daz Lawd (CVL)
  • DMan (CVL)
  • Cee Money (TVL)
  • Chief Mufasa (4CH)
  • Lil Cold (4CH)
  • RiskyBandz (4CH)
  • Shawty4 (4CH)
  • DCG (4CH)
  • P-Rodriguez (4CH)
  • TrenchMobb (4CH)
  • Dirty Redd (4CH)
  • Great Britton (4CH)
  • TruFoe (4CH)
  • SolidFoe Luchi (4CH)
  • Bdoe (4CH)
  • Dolla Da Donn (4CH)
  • Moonie (4CH)
  • Big Dk (VL)
  • KingTana
  • Holla
  • BOC
  • YungHB
  • Big Mota
  • Almighty Lord Zev (IVL)


  • Kevin Garnett
  • Patrick Beverly (UVL)
  • Allen Iverson (affiliate)
  • Ja Morant (Memphis VL affiliate)
Almighty Vice Lord Nation (2024)
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