All Horse Breeds - The Ultimate List from A to Z (2024)

Horse Breeds with A

  • Akhal-Teke
  • Aegidienberger
  • Alberta Wild Horse
  • Altér Real
  • Altmark cold-blood
  • American Bashkir Curly
  • American Belgian Draft
  • American Cream Draft Horse
  • American Drum Horse
  • American Indian Horse
  • American Miniature Horse
  • American Saddlebred
  • American Shetlandpony
  • American Standardbred
  • American Spotted
  • American Spotted Paso
  • American Walking Pony
  • Andalusian Horse
  • Anglo Arabian
  • Appaloosa
  • Arabian Horses
  • Arabian-Berber
  • Arabian Halfbred
  • Arabian Partbred
  • Arabian Friesian
  • Arasian
  • Ardennes
  • Asil Arabian
  • Assateague Pony
  • Australian Stock Horse
  • Australian Pony
  • Azteca

Horse Breeds with B

  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Banker Horse
  • Baroque Pinto
  • Bavarian Warmblood
  • Belgian Cold Blood
  • Belgian Warmblood
  • Berber
  • Blazer Horse
  • Bosnian Mountain Horse
  • Boulonnais
  • Brandenburg Warmblood
  • Bretone
  • British Warmblood
  • Brumby Horse
  • Budjonny Horses

Horse Breed with C

  • Camargue Pferde
  • Camarillo White
  • Campolina
  • Canadian Horse
  • Canadian Rustic Pony
  • Canadian Pacer
  • Canadian Pinto
  • Canadian Sport Horse
  • Canadian Warmblood
  • Carolina Marsh Tacky
  • Cerbat Mustang
  • Chincoteague Pony
  • Chickasaw Horse
  • Cherokee Horse
  • Choctaw Horse
  • Classic Pony
  • Cleveland-Bucht
  • Clydesdale
  • Clumberland Island Horse
  • Cob Horse
  • Colorado Ranger
  • Colonial Spanish Horse
  • Connemara Pony
  • Conestoga Horse
  • Comtois Horse
  • Criollo Horse
  • CSFR Warmblut
  • Curly Horse

Horse Breeds with D

  • Dales Pony
  • Danish Warmblood
  • Dartmoor Horses
  • Delibos
  • Don horse
  • Donkey
  • Drum-Horse
  • Dülmen wild horses

Horse Breeds with E

  • English thoroughbred
  • Exmoor Pony

Horsebreeds with F

  • Falabella
  • Fur Pony
  • Fjord horses
  • Florida Cracker Horse
  • French Trotter
  • Frederiksborg
  • Freiberger
  • Frisian horse
  • Furioso

Horse Breeds with G

  • German Trotter
  • German Classic Pony
  • German Riding Horse
  • German Riding Pony
  • German Sport Horse
  • Georgian Grande Horse
  • Galiceno Pony
  • Gelderland
  • Gotland Pony
  • Gypsy Horse

Horse Breeds with H

  • Hackney
  • Hackney pony
  • Haflinger Horse
  • Hanoverian Horse
  • Hessian Warmblood
  • Highland pony
  • Hispano-Arabian
  • Holstein
  • Huzule

Horse Breeds with I

  • Indianbred
  • Irish Draught
  • Irish Sport Horse
  • Icelandic Horse

Horse Breeds with J

  • Jutland Horse

Horse Breeds with K

  • Kabardian
  • Karabagh
  • Karachai
  • Kathiawari
  • Kanata Pony
  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
  • Kiger Horse
  • Kiger Mustang
  • Kinsky horse
  • Kisberer
  • Kladruber
  • KMSH
  • Knabstrupper
  • Konik
  • KWPN

Horse Breeds with L

  • Lac La Croix Indian Pony
  • Leonhard
  • Latvian Warmblood
  • Lewitzer
  • Lipizzaners
  • Lusitanos

Horse breeds with M

  • Mangalarga Marchador
  • Maremmano
  • Marocco Spotted
  • Mule
  • Mecklenburg Warmblood
  • Menorquin
  • Merens
  • Mingrelian
  • Mini Shetty
  • Missouri Fox Trotter
  • Mongolian Pony
  • Morab Horse
  • Morgan Horse
  • Moritzburg
  • Mountain Pleasure Horse
  • Murgese
  • Mustang

Horse Breeds with N

  • National Show Horse
  • National Spotted Saddle Horse
  • New Forest Pony
  • Newfoundland Pony
  • Nemaiah Valley Horse
  • Nez Perce Horse
  • Noriker
  • Nokota Horses
  • Norwegian Horses
  • North Swedish Horse

Horse Breeds with O

  • Oldenburg Horse
  • Oldenburg show jumper
  • Orlov Trotter

Horse Breeds with P

  • P.R.E
  • Paint Horse
  • Palomino Horse
  • Paso Fino
  • Paso Iberoamericano
  • Paso Peruano
  • Percheron
  • Pintos
  • Polish Warmblood
  • Polo Pony
  • Pony of the Americas
  • Portuguese Sport Horse
  • Pottok
  • Przewalski
  • Pryor Mountain Mustang
  • Pura Raza Mallorquina

Horse Breeds with Q

  • Quarab Horses
  • Quarter Horse
  • Qurater Pony

Horse Breeds with R

  • Racking Horse
  • Rhenish-Westphalian cold-blooded horse
  • Rhineland
  • Rocky Mountain Horse
  • Rottaler Horse
  • Russian Riding Horse

Horse Breeds with S

  • Saxony-Anhaltian
  • Saxon Thuringian Coldblood
  • Saxon Warmblood
  • Sable Island Pony
  • Silesian
  • Schleswiger Horses
  • Swedish Warmblood
  • Schweike
  • Swiss Warmblood
  • Selle Francais
  • Senner Horse
  • Shagya Arabian
  • Shetland Pony
  • Shire Horse
  • Slovakian Warmblood
  • Sorraia
  • Spanish Mustang
  • Spanish Jennet Horse
  • Spanish Barb
  • Spotted Saddle Horse
  • Southern German Cold Blood
  • Suffolk

Horse Breeds with T

  • Tarpan
  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Tersker
  • Thuringian Warmblood
  • Tiger Horse
  • Tinker
  • Tori
  • Trakehner
  • Tuigpaard

Horse breeds with U

  • Ukrainian Sport Horse
  • Ukrainian Horse

Horse Breeds with V

  • Virginia Highland

Horse Breeds with W

  • Warlander
  • Walkaloosa
  • Welara
  • Welsh-A
  • Welsh-B
  • Welsh-C
  • Welsh-D
  • Welsh-PB
  • Westphalian Horse
  • Württemberger

Horse Breeds with Z

  • Zangersheider Horse
  • Žemaitukai Horse
  • Zweibrücker Horse

What type of horse are you looking for?

  • Large Horses
  • Draft Horses
  • Small Horses and Ponies
  • Thoroughbred Horses
  • Warmblood Horses

All horse breeds at a glance on ehorses

The list of horse breeds is very long, there are over 200 different breeds worldwide. Each breed has its own special features, as they all have different exteriors and interiors. Even though each horse has an individual personality, each horse breed has a special character, often a certain coat colour, different shapes of mane and tail, a different build and many other typical characteristics of the breed. In addition, the breeding history as well as the origin of the different horse breeds are very different.

What there is to know about the different breeds and what their special features are, we have summarised for you in the ehorses magazine. Whether Hanoverian, Oldenburg, German Riding Pony, Quarter Horse, Andalusian, Haflinger, Shetland Pony, Tinker and many more. – We present all horse breeds from A-Z in a clear list including detailed breed portraits and pictures.

Are you looking for a horse and don't know which horse breed is right for you? Find out with our test on the topic "Which horse breed suits me?"

Once you have found out which horse breed suits you, you can start looking for a horse. In the ehorses horse market you will find a large selection of four-legged friends, so that you are sure to find the right horse for you.

Frequently asked questions about horse breeds

How many horse breeds are there in the world?

There are over 200 breeds of horses in the world. These are divided into thoroughbreds, cold-blooded and warm-blooded and were bred for a wide variety of purposes.

In the past, horses were needed as workhorses, military horses or pit ponies. Today, riding horses and carriage horses are in great demand. Due to the many different demands on horses, many different horse breeds have developed over the course of time.

What are the most popular horse breeds?

The most popular horse breed on average are Shetland ponies. Quarter Horses are close behind. Hanoverians followed by Oldenburgers, German Riding Ponies and Westphalians are also highly popular. Icelanders, Haflingers, Friesians and Holsteins are also among the top 10 most popular horse breeds.

Each horse breed has its own special strengths. Therefore, the decision of the most popular horse breed will also be individual for everyone. It is important to know which characteristics are important to you so that you can choose the right horse breed for you.

Which horse breeds are there?

Horses are divided into three groups. There are cold-blooded horses, warm-blooded horses and thoroughbred horses. These groups classify different breeds of horses according to their temperament.

Cold-blooded horses are heavy in build. They also have a calm temperament, are deliberate and slow in their movement. They are mainly used as working or draft horses. Well-known breeds include the Black Forest, Shire Horse and Tinker.

Warm-blooded horses have a light to medium build and temperament. They are elegant and swinging in movement and are used for sport as well as for leisure. Well-known breeds are Hanoverian, Westphalian or Oldenburg.

Thoroughbreds have a light build and a lively temperament. They are used as racehorses, eventers and endurance horses. There are, for example, Arabian and English thoroughbreds.

What is the oldest breed of horse?

The Caspian Horse is known to be the oldest horse breed in the world. The size is between 1 and 1.25 m. They are built like an Arabian and have a temperament like a thoroughbred.

Until the 1960s, it was thought that this breed was extinct until a woman from Iran found it. Near the Caspian Sea in Iran there were herds of Caspian Horses. At that time it was discovered that they are the oldest breed of horses. Among other things, they are the ancestors of the Arabian horses and are known to be able to jump up to 1.80 m high without a rider and up to 1.20 m high with a light rider.

What is the largest horse breed in the world?

The largest horse breed with the highest average height are Shire Horses. They can grow up to 2.05 metres tall and are gentle and strong-nerved. Originally from Great Britain, they are now found all over the world.

The world's largest living horse is Big Jake, a Brabant gelding. He has a height of 210.19 cm without horseshoes and weighs a proud 1,179 kg. The tallest horse of all time was again a Shire Horse. In 1850, the gelding "Sampson" had reached his record height of 2.19 m at the age of four. His weight was over 1.5 tons.

All Horse Breeds - The Ultimate List from A to Z (2024)
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